MAXI shpk is established since 1995 as an operator in production, processing and trade of natural stones, marbles, granites and stone tiles in the domestic and regional market. During the years it has extended the marketing in the regional and international market by creating successful collaboration with international partners in Greece, Italy, EU and Asia.

This successful partnership has made possible to export Albanian unique natural stones in these markets and has increased the volume of business. During the last 5 years the company has traded domestic marbles and decorative stones from the Albanian regions of Permet, Kelcyre, Tepelena, Vlora, Berat, Himara, Dropull and Saranda. The processing level is improved and the company exports not only bulk blocks, but finished products as well such as stairs, tiles, decorative fireplaces and custom products During 15 years we have invested in development of human resources and specialization of their skills in order to increase productivity and quality, reduce production costs and develop new products and services for different markets.

Major attention is given to the CSR policy and the company aims to reduce 100% the solid wastes and recycle them as raw materials for producing handcrafts, mosaics and other industries as well MAXI shpk facility is constructed on a 6600 sqm plot where around 2000 sqm of them is the manufacture building, logistics and head offices. The company has significantly invested in technology, R&D and human resources in order to improve the portfolio of products and services, to increase its productivity performance and to extend its capacities in order to meet clients requirements in domestic and international market. Today MAXI shpk is able to produce large volumes of finished products and to deliver them in-time in regional market, EU market and other continents through its own shipping and delivery service.